Hello, world.


According to the UN Refugee Agency, there were 65.3 million displaced people across the world in 2016. One out of two is under 18 years of age. Having left everything behind, refugees need support in preparing to enter a new culture and workforce.

That's where Room 7 partner organizations come in.

The need.

The UNESCO meeting.



Room 7 is a consortium of over a dozen coding schools across Europe and the Middle East committed to helping displaced peoples create community, learn new skills, and build a new lives. The idea for Room 7 emerged in March 2017 at UNESCO's Mobile Learning Week in Paris. During this session, a new wave of coding schools came together to empower refugees in rebuilding their lives through access, skills, and utilization of technology. Participants expressed a desire to coordinate their efforts, to share knowledge, and to leverage a consortium model to bolster long-term funding.  

The session took place in Meeting Room #7.


A consortium.

Our promise.


On July 6 2017, over a dozen international organizations committed to collaborate in an effort to empower refugees to restart their lives through digital inclusion.  We are committing to helping partner organizations share knowledge and expand their phenomenal work in digital and coding education. Who are these organizations? Find out here. And if you yourself are ready to take action, we have a few ideas for how to do so. 

Take action.