Act Together

We cannot do this alone. If you're reading this, it's because you too recognize the need and the potential to dramatically impact peoples' lives. It's about community...and coding, rebuilding one's identity...and supporting industry.  Please take action.  Here are three ways to do so, right now.  


Get our updates.

We send out a newsletter every 4-6 weeks to update the community and our partner organizations on the work of Room 7. Signing up is an easy way to make sure that we stay on your radar, and you on ours. 


Offer ideas & energy. 

If you work for an organization that complements our mission, or if you have a particular skillset that you think can help us (i.e. programming chops, web dev skills, social media gravitas), drop us a note. We are a passionate and nimble team, but we're also small. Your ideas & energy could go further than you think. 


 Fund the work.

Sweat equity will only take us so far. What Room 7 and partner organizations need most to refine programs and scale impact is funding.  If you or your institution are interested in supporting our work financially, please contact us below.